Activities for the classroom

Through out all the project we have realized that all activities we have shared can be somehow used in a lesson. However, here we have another collection of funny activities.


Black Magic

You can play this game to practise vocabulary and YES/ NO questions.

1. All classroom points out at an object.

2. One students that doesn't know the object will guess it with the help of the teacher or another student.

3. The teacher will ask questions like: Is it Marc's T.shirt?...

4. Both will be connected by BLACK magic... and the student will answer YES to the correct one (the one that will come after a question pinting out a BLACK object).


Magic Dictionary

1. One student will thing a number. It must contain 3 DIFFERENT numbers. (e.g. 345)

2. He will revers the numbers. (e.g. 543)

3. He will take out the lowest number from the highest one. (e.g. 543-345=198)

4. He will reverse the result numbers again. (e.g. 891)

5. He will add it to the previous result. (e.g. 198+891=1089) 


6. Ask one student to look up the dicctionary for page 108 and word 9 (that you had previously look at). Before he tells you the word, you can say it! 


The Art of Marbling

A wonderful art activity. Can you imagine using this in a language lesson? Maybe a speaking warm up activity...


Symmetry, Perfection, maths...

In Poland, we attended a very special maths lesson.