School Promo

30/10/2016 13:20

Erasmus+ on Gimnazjum w Brzezinach

30/10/2016 11:28

Slovakia Dissemination

16/10/2016 16:49
Roll the Dice on the radio and school website.   roll-the-dice_KGSM_Lumen.mp3 (5603579)

Seminar in Turkey

12/07/2016 18:55
The Turkish team presented our projecte on a Seminar in June for their collegues in Turkey. They had an useful exchange of views on the content of the preparation and implementation stages of the project.

Roll the dice on Romanian Local TV

12/07/2016 18:45
Great dissemination job of our Romanian team!

Roll the Dice on Sant Bonaventura School Magazine

12/07/2016 16:52

Last meeting: Poland. Polish newspaper

11/07/2016 00:00

Erasmus+ SNA meeting in Madrid

27/06/2016 16:39
       Thanks to our National Agency for this last helpful meeting! Wishing to start a new project!

Last meeting: Poland. Spanish Local magazine

12/06/2016 16:47

Roll the Dice on Polish Newspaper

11/06/2016 19:38
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