No Kid without a Toy 2014

The Christmas 2014 campaign has been a success. We have all collaborated with different organizations in our communities collecting toys for children in need. We hope to set the basis for future collaboration, too. 
We want to thank, in advance, all our students, families, staff and ngo members for their work and support!

Getting Ready! 

All schools did a great job organizing the "No Kid Without a Toy" campaign.





Collaborative work

We worked together with some NGO in our communities. 
Romania organized an event together with the NGO PINOCCIO to raise money for the organization by selling some Christmas decorations and they also gave the toys to the children in need. Amazing! We take notes for next year!
Spain collected toys on Arta's Christmas Market on the 13th of December and on the 19th in the School Christmas market together with Artà Solidari and Caritas

Our campaign on the Media!

 TV in Panciu!  (min. 6.45) 


TV in Artà!


Christmas market min. 15.15


No Kid without a Toy 2015

Toys and gifts collected by Turkish team for children with special educational needs at Education Practice School and was presented with a visit to the children held the Job Training School. The trip, held on 3 March 2016 , students and pupils in the schools visited had a good time together.


Have a looka at the post on Turkish blog about their wonderful activity "Peace and Tolerance".